Congratulations on taking your first steps towards happier new eyebrows! Eye Art Studio's eyebrow tattoo removal service is becoming increasingly popular, as we continue to receive more requests for removing unwanted eyebrows from clients all over Australia on a daily basis. Whilst our renown non-laser tattoo removal service guarantees to deliver immediate results, is pain free and highly cost effective compared to that of the laser tattoo removal method, the best prevention is to always do your own research and due diligence when looking for an Eyebrow Tattoo Artist.

Our specialised eyebrow tattoo removal technique requires only 2 to 3 sessions, and very rarely, 4 sessions to completely restore unsightly tattooed brows to almost, if not original, natural state. To view some of our amazing tattoo removal results, you can read about one of our client's removal of microbladed brow tattoo journey here.

The following Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Aftercare guide has been designed with our clients in mind, to deliver the best removal results for unwanted eyebrow tattoos, and must be strictly followed to ensure optimal results whilst taking care of your delicate skin tissues.

  • Purchase a good quality, organic rosehip oil or Vitamin E oil from your local health store or chemist
  • Before bed, wash the eyebrow tattoos with a clean cotton padand cold water, blot dry with a clean tissue
  • Apply a generous amount of rosehip oil over the treated areas gently with a clean cotton bud twice a day
  • No skincare product on or around the treated areas
  • No waxing, threading, or any skin treatments around the treated areas
  • Sleep with a clean pillow caseto avoid possible contamination or infection
  • No swimming, use of spa or chemical contact of any kind with the treated areas
  • No makeup on or closely around the treated areas for at least 5 days
  • No touching the eyebrow tattoos with unclean hands or at all
  • First and second day, your eyebrow tattoos may appear darker, this is only the result of lymph drying
  • Do not pick at any scabbing you may see, let them fall naturally or you may risk scar tissues forming
  • Be gentle and kind to your skin surrounding the treated areas during the healing period
  • It is vital to book your follow up session at 6-8 weeks mark for a checkup and for further treatment if required
  • Contact us with any questions and concerns via email or visit our Frequently Asked Cosmetic Tattoo Questions page here for further information
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