Congratulations on your new freckles! We love making them as much as our clients love having them, so much so that we have had clients returning on a regular basis for additional speckles. Our Freckle Tattoo is one of the most popular services at Eye Art Studio! Once healed, they deliver beautiful, natural looking freckles that do not at all look tattooed, adding warmth and youthfulness to your face.

Freckle tattoos generally heal to between 30% to 40% less dramatic than the immediately results, in both sizes and color. To get the most from your tattooed freckles, and to keep them staying with you longer, take care of them, , give them lots of love by strictly following our freckle tattoo aftercare guide below.

  • Stay away from any Caffeine or Alcoholic drinks for the next 24 hours if possible
  • Gently but firmly blot your new freckles with a clean tissue every 30 minutes to absorb excessive fluid and lymph build-up until bed time
  • Before bed, wash the freckles with a clean cotton padand cold water, blot dry with a clean tissue
  • No skincare product on your face up to day 5 (avoiding retinal, AHA, vitamins A, C and E agents)
  • No working-out or activities that induce excessive sweating (this will continue for the next 5 days)
  • Sleep with a clean pillow case, preferably on your back rather than stomach or sides
  • You can shower or shampoo as per usual, keeping the water temperature as cool as possible
  • Blot the new freckles dry with a clean tissue whenever they get wet
  • No makeup on or closely around the tattooed freckles
  • Avoid touching the freckles with unclean hands or at all
  • Avoid direct sunlight for 10 days if possible, if not, be sure to wear sunscreen and a wide brim hat and sunnies
  • On day 1, 2 and 3, your freckle tattoos will be at their darkest, do not fret, stress or worry, the healing process means that there'll be up to 50% of pigment color loss
  • Take care not to pick or pull at your freckles or scabs, let the scabbings fall off naturally
  • Do not stress over the size of your new freckle tattoos today, the size will shrink as they heal
  • It is important to book your freckle tattoo touch up appointment, as not booking within 4-8 weeks of your initial session will void your complimentary touch up session (the touch up session is only applicable to Freckle Tattoo - Full Session clients)
  • Got more questions or concerns? Shoot us an email to or visit our FAQs page here.
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