So you just got your new tattoo and wondering how to look after your new investment? Our tattoo aftercare instructions guide below will help you in taking great care of firstly, your skin, and subsequently, your new artwork!

It is important to keep in mind that body art (traditional body tattoo) is very different to cosmetic tattoo (aka permanent makeup), some of those differences are:

  • In body tattoo, the artist would be using a tattoo ink where as in cosmetic tattoo, a pigment is used
  • The body skin makeup is very different to the more delicate skin on our face
  • The skin on our face is generally exposed to the sun and other elements more so than the rest of our body
  • The skin on our face is also more exposed to other products and chemicals that the body isn't

For these reasons, the aftercare instructions for body tattoo will differ to the aftercare instructions for eyebrow tattoo, as will the healing processes. Body art aftercare consists of the following: limit your daily sun exposure or no sun exposure at all for the first 4 weeks, daily cleaning of the inked area with clean cotton pad and water, pad dry with a clean tissue, then apply a generous serving of Bepanthen or AfterInke, whichever has been advised by your Cosmetic Tattoo Artist.

Do not rub, pull, scratch or pick at your new tattoo while they are healing, or at all, as doing so will cause the art work to be "broken" in areas, and a second session may be required at your own expenses.

If you plan to spend some time in the sun, even once your new ink work has healed, it is important to wear sunscreen to project your body art so that you can continue to enjoy them for a long time.


Tattoo Aftercare Instructions