Eye Art Studio

ELT- Eyeliner Tattoo

Eyeliner Tattoo in Melbourne

  • Want a statement eyeliner 24/7 or just a subtle eyeliner to define and give your eyes that extra sparkle?
  • Eye Art Studio's Eyeliner Tattoo service is recommended for all skin types
  • Suitable for regular users of retinol, AHA and vitamin A, C and E agents, or those with oily or acne prone skin types
  • Throw away messy eyeliner pens - spend more time in bed
  • From pool to party - no more disappearing eyeliner
  • Price includes 2 sessions (initial + perfecting session)
  • Choose to Pay Later with ZipPay
  • Eye Art Studio proudly accept crypto for all services

Booking Instructions: 

Once you have purchased your Cosmetic Tattoo service of choice, we will get in touch to organise an appointment with you directly.

Purchase  Specifics: 

  • You are purchasing any pre-paid Eyeliner Tattoo service
  • Pre-paid purchases are not refundable
  • Pre-paid purchases are redeemable for other services at equal or higher value
  • A Gift Certificate can be created on request
  • Pre-paid purchases must be used within 12 months from date of purchase

Payment Plan:

You may also like to book directly with Eye Art Studio by visiting this link, and take advantage of our Eyebrow Tattoo Payment Plan in Melbourne option:

[Pay $100 on Booking only]

[Pay $350 on Treatment]

[Pay $200 on Touch Up 4-6 weeks later]


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