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Our Favourite - Eyebrow Pre-Draw Shaping Peel Off Waxy Pencil

Eye Art Studio


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These are simply our absolute favourite eyebrow mapping and shaping pencils for microblading, ombre' brows, and eyebrow tattoo procedures. Soft and waxy enough to glide perfectly on the clients skin without hurting them, and hard enough to produce sharp, fine, thin lines and clean brow shapes, suitable to draw not only shapes but the skeleton hair strokes too. 

Comes in 3 colors: Natural Brown, Brown or Black.

Tan's Tips:

  • Peel off the paper, to expose the wax pencil inside.
  • Don't skim, sharpen a long enough pencil tip to give more flow in your drawing movements. We recommend at least 1.5cm.
  • Sharpen with a sharp, sterilised razor on both sides of the pencil tip to create the widest, thinest and flat pencil tip surface.
  • Stretch the skin gently and firmly with your thumb and middle finger (optional index finger), gently and firmly draw your shape with the pencil tip at 45% to the client's skin.

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