What Is Eyebrow Tattoo Correction?

Eyebrow Tattoo Correction is the process of repairing unwanted tattooed eyebrows. Eye Art Studio's eyebrow tattoo correction is highly popular, with almost 50% of our new clients are those requesting help in correcting their unwanted eyebrow tattoo.

Eye Art Studio specialises in providing professional and solution-focused treatment plans, specific to each individual client's situation, to restore their self confidence and happiness.

In most cases, we are able to repair and improve the unwanted eyebrow tattoo, other times, the only solution is a eyebrow tattoo removal. This will be determined by your Artist during consultation. Please call the studio or email a photo of your current eyebrow tattoo to hello@eyeart.com.au for a pre-assessment.

Eyebrow Tattoo Correction
Eyebrow Tattoo Repair
Eyebrow Tattoo Correction

How Much Is Eyebrow Tattoo Correction?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a price guide for eyebrow tattoo correction without being able to assess the current eyebrow tattoo, as our pricing will reflect the amount of time and work involved with each individual cases. The cost for correction would be advised to the client prior to any work taking place.

If eyebrow tattoo removal treatments are required, your Artist will advise your first. We have had amazing successes with our removal treatments, you can view one of eyebrow tattoo removal results for a client over here.

Eyebrow tattoo correction can be an expensive process - The best solution is to research your favorite eyebrow tattoo Artist and their previous work to make sure their work is of your taste and style before committing to a procedure.

To book an appointment for eyebrow tattoo correction, please contact the studio via telephone or email us - hello@eyeart.com.au.

How Does Eyebrow Tattoo Correction Work?

Before the correction process taking place, a thorough assessment of your tattooed eyebrows will be completed by the Artist. If the current tattooed eyebrows are deemed "correctable", the correction work may commence. During the course of an eyebrow tattoo correction treatment, the Artist will complete your eyebrow mapping, correct your eyebrow shape, size, arch, length, and addressing tattooed hairstroke concerns and colors.

Eyebrow tattoo correction provides immediate results, and is highly effective in repairing all eyebrow tattooing techniques including eyebrow microblading, combination eyebrow tattoo, ombre' eyebrow tattoo. and even powder eyebrow tattoo.

When Do I Need Eyebrow Tattoo Correction?

Eyebrow tattoo correction should only be considered at a minimum of 6-8 weeks following the last procedure. This allows your skin and new eyebrows to completely heal and settle. Additionally, a discussion with your original Artist regarding corrective solutions for your tattooed eyebrows is recommended before making further decisions.

If you find that you are still unhappy with your new tattooed eyebrows, and would like to see them fade faster, you may like to view our blog post, how to help fade or remove your eyebrow tattoo at home safely. It offers some useful tips in encouraging the fading process.

Does Eyebrow Tattoo Correction Hurt?

Eyebrow tattoo correction hurts no more than the eyebrow tattooing procedure itself. Topical anaesthetic is used for your comfort before and during the procedure.

Does Eyebrow Tattoo Correction Scar The Skin?

As with all cosmetic tattoo treatments, correct techniques by the Artist - and following aftercare instructions by the client will ensure optimal results for both your skin and your eyebrows.

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