How To Remove Botched Eyebrow Tattoo At Home - A Safe DIY Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Guide

"Hello 911? Can I get rid of my new eyebrow tattoo with salt scrubs / bleach / bicarb soda  (or other horrific chemical ), I need them gone pronto!"

Not a week goes by where Eye Art Studio don't receive an email, a text, a call from an anxious caller who has had their eyebrow tattoo done somewhere else, and are asking for our advice and assistance in how to remove the new eyebrow tattoo, immediately. Some of the most popular concerns I often hear are;

  • My new eyebrow tattoos are too big for my face
  • My new eyebrow tattoos are too dark
  • My new eyebrow tattoos are uneven
  • I hate my new brow tattoos so much, I just want them gone right away
  • I only want a few strokes taken out, can you help me today
  • I have a botched eyebrow tattoo job, please help

And every single time, I cringe, at some of the recommendations and remedies our callers share with us on what they have found on the wide web World to help remove their new eyebrow tattoos - some of the more popular ones are:

  • Removal of new eyebrow tattoo with Peroxide, Acid, Hair Removal Creams
  • By vigorous exfoliation, or salt scrubs into open wounds
  • Removal of new eyebrow tattoo at home with household bleach, yes with bleach

 STOP  please, do not consider any of the above harmful methods - no matter how popular, how many subscribers a YouTube personality may have, or how helpful Aunty Betty has been your whole life. The only safe and effective solutions in dealing with the removals of eyebrow tattoos (or any cosmetic tattoo really) are:  time, and if removal is still needed, only professional Cosmetic Tattoo Removal services should be considered, be it laser or non-laser removalmethods .


TALK To Your Eyebrow Tattoo Artist First

Don't forget that your Eyebrow Tattoo Artist would want you to have the best eyebrows when working with you, even if the immediate result is not what you want, they tried their best. 

A consultation should always take place at the start of an Eyebrow Tattooing treatment for skin analysis, eyebrow mapping/shaping, and color selection. Most importantly, doing your diligence and research when looking for an Eyebrow Tattoo Artist is the best prevention in having unhappy tattooed eyebrows.

Post treatment, the color of your new eyebrow tattoo will fade up to 40%, leaving the healed result to be a lighter, more natural tone. So don't be too worried if your new eyebrow tattoos are too dark on the day of treatment. Similarly, on day one and two, they may appear even darker due to the lymph and excess fluid from open wound raising to the surface. Don't stress, the color will settle.

If you are un-happy about the shape and size of your new eyebrow tattoo, remember that post treatment, the tender areas around your eyes and eyebrows will be slightly swollen, also keeping in mind that once healed, the new eyebrow tattoos will shrink in size, so they will be smaller then what they appear to you right now. What is eyebrow microblading tattoo anyway? Read more on our Blog posts.

Below are a couple of examples of the Eyebrow Feathering before and after photos from Eye Art Studio's eyebrow tattoo clients.

Eyebrow Microblading Before and After Photos Eye Art Studio

T he Healing Process of Eyebrow Tattoo by Eye Art Studio
From Top To Bottom Before | Immediate | Healed | TouchUp

Eyebrow Tattoo Before and After Photos - Eyebrow Feathering Melbourne
The healing process of Eyebrow Tattoo by Eye Art Studio
Bottom - Before | Middle - Healed | Top - At TouchUp


SAFE Tips For Eyebrow Tattoo Removal At Home DIY

So you have spoken to your Eye Brow Tattoo Artist, and have not received the advice and support you need regarding your new eyebrow tattoo, and know that you won't be happy with them, and want them gone?

The bad news is that you cannot removeyour new eyebrow tattoos immediately or too soon following the eyebrow tattooing treatment.  But, there are good news The first good news is that there are things you can do to immediately promote the safe fading of your new eyebrow tattoo while they are healing.

The second good news, a correction or removal can be considered once the skin has completely healed (typically 4 to 6 weeks from treatment). 


Warm showers twice a day x 5 day

Rosehip Seed Oil 1 drop x 3 times a day

Sea Salt + Water + Cotton Pads

Now that you have decided that the new eyebrow tattoos are definitely not for you, and an eyebrow tattoo  correction or eyebrow tattoo removal is definitely needed, the below DIY Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Tips At Home can safely promote and expedite the fading of your new brow tattoos. Please note that it should not be taken as 

1. Warm Showers- twice a day for the next 5 days. The heat from the warm showers will promote the opening of your wounds, essentially drawing out the pigments from your unwanted, botched eyebrow tattoo. Extremely gentle massage in circular motions over your eyebrow areas may be applied with the very tip of your fingers in the shower. Always blot dry with a dry, clean tissue gently afterwards.

2. Rosehip Seed Oil - apply pure Rosehip Oil onto both eyebrows, 3 times a day for the next 2 weeks,  1-2 drops on each eyebrow. Massage the eyebrows gently using circular motions. The oil itself promotes gentle lifting of pigments from underneath the skin surface, whilst the nourishing agents within the Rosehip Oil will go further to aid the healing of your skin, minimising scarring tissues formation. Keep the area excessively moisturised with only natural products.

3. Sea Salt - Once a day for the next 10 days, mix crushed organic sea salt with luke warm water, use 2 clean cotton pads soaked and rinsed in this sea salt water mix to gently cleanse the unwanted eyebrow tattoo areas  in gentle, patting motion. Leave on for a couple of minutes. Take off and rinse clean with clean water. Pat dry with a dry clean tissue afterwards. Always be gentle to your skin. Do not repeat this method if your skin becomes too irritated.

What You SHOULD NOT Do To A New Eyebrow Tattoo

Do not attempt any of the following whilst your skin is healing post Eyebrow Tattoo treatment, no matter how tempted and unhappy you may be with your new eyebrow tattoos:

  • Do not be rough with the skin around your new tattooed eyebrows
  • Do not use any chemical agents, products on or near the area - the chemical may cause infection or interfere with your pigment colors, thus changing it to further unwanted color issues
  • Do not attempt to remove the pigments by force
  • Do not allow anyone to work on your tattooed eyebrows post treatment until 4-6 weeks later (any sooner and your skin will risk scarring)
  • Do not cover your new eyebrow tattoo with thick, heavy makeup, as this will will also risk infection and color change from the chemicals and colorants from the makeup
  • Do not scratch, pick, peel or pull at any scabbing from your new eyebrow tattoo

Eyebrow Tattoo Before and After Photos Microblading in Melbourne Eye Brow Tattoo 3D Combination by Eye Art Studio

Other  Tips For Eyebrow Tattoo Removal 

Keep in contact with your Eyeb row Tattoo Artist - Be sure to schedule your  Eyebrow Tattoo Touch-Up appointment, at which time, they may be able to improve your current eyebrow tattoo, or offer a happy solution. Go ahead if you feel comfortable with your Cosmetic Tattoo Artist, and decline the offer if you do not feel confident, or feel that it would worsen the situation. It is important to let your Eyebrow Tattoo Artist know your thoughts and feelings in a kind manner so that you can work on productive solutions for both parties.

Still would like and Eyebrow Tattoo Removal? Explore our Eyebrow Tattoo Removalor Eyebrow Tattoo Correction services, we are based in Melbourne.

Are you looking for Cosmetic Tattooing in Melbourne? Eye Art Studio offers Eyebrow Tattoo Services in Melbourne, including Microblading in our Melbourne salons, as well as other popular Eyebrow Tattooing techniques.

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