What is Ombre' Eyebrow Tattoo?

Making its grand entrance into the cosmetic tattoo scene around 2017, ombre' eyebrow tattoo has quickly gained its place as one of the most loved eyebrow tattoo techniques.

Unlike the older "block" tattooed eyebrows of the 1980's to early 2000's, the ombre' eyebrow tattoo delivers striking, well defined brows that are soft and natural. Ombre' tattooed eyebrows have a gradient air-brushed effect, with lighter fronts that gradually transition to a more saturated body and tail ends.

Ombre' Eyebrow Tattoo
Ombre' Eyebrow Tattoo
Ombre' Eyebrow Tattoo

Ombre' Eyebrow Tattoo Prices - Melbourne

Tan-Zhao - $650.00

Ombre' Eyebrow Tattooing can be booked in junction with one or all the following treatments:

Pricing & Special Notes

  • Prices include GST
  • The above pricing includes a complimentary perfecting session at 4-8 weeks after the initial treatment
  • Further perfecting sessions will attract a $90.00 fee each time
  • 0-3 Month Touch Up - $90.00
  • 3-6 Month Touch Up - $150.00
  • 6-12 Month Touch Up - $200.00
  • 12-18 Month Touch Up - $300.00
  • 18-24 Month Touch Up - $350.00
  • Beyond 24 Months - Full Price

For further information, please visit our T&C page.

Is Ombre' Eyebrow Tattoo Suitable For Me?

Ombre' eyebrow tattoo is perfect for makeup lovers and is suited for any skin type, skin conditions and ages. Ombre' eyebrow tattoo is a long lasting and excellent choice for clients with little to no natural eyebrow hair.

For something more natural, eyebrow microblading is a great choice, while the combination eyebrow tattoo option is fantastic for something in between, or a soft powder brow tattoo for clients who prefer a soft, "penciled in" finish.

What Does Ombre' Eyebrow Look Like?

Ombre' tattooed eyebrows look like they have been lovingly groomed and powdered, without the time or effort. It is an up and go solution for the busy clients, and delivers 24/7 stunning smudge proof eyebrows. View our eyebrow tattoo before and after photos here.

How Long Will Ombre' Eyebrow Tattoo Last?

With proper aftercare, and depending on the client's skin type, condition, lifestyle, sun exposure, skincare regimes and products, ombre' eyebrow tattoos can last up to 2 and a half years. Eye Art Studio recommends an annual touch up to keep your tattooed eyebrows beautiful and fresh all year round.

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