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My name is RUM and I am a cosmetic injector .I am very passionate about cosmetic injectables . I have completed Bachelor's degree and a Graduate diploma in Cosmetic and aesthetics and have experience of more than 5 years in Cosmetic Injectables and Lasers managing both patients and staff. I hold vast experience in cosmetic injectables by working at Australian Skin Clinic, Victorian Skin Clinic, Laser Clinic Australia and Bayside Skin Clinic Port Melbourne. I am an extremely organised, calm, and clients focused professional with excellent knowledge of facial anatomy and symmetry. I have a passion for providing quality care to clients and support them to achieve their aesthetic goals. In my previous roles, I performed anti-wrinkles (Botox and dysport), managing hyperhidrosis(excessive sweating), injecting masseters for jaw sliming, dermal fillers (cheeks, nasolabial folds, perioral areas, tear trough, lips, vertical lip lines, jaw fillers, balkeyra (fat dissolving) and chin sculpture. During this time, I have been recognised as a dedicated, ambitious and reliable person who has the ability to perform a great job.

Contact Rum - Tel: 0431 679 928