Gone are the days when freckles were to be made fun at. Today, following the footsteps of some of the most fabulously-freckled faces of the World with the likes of Gisele Bündchen, Erin Heatherton, Fo Porter, Shanina Shaik, freckles are as loved as choc chips on a cookie. Yes, freckle tattooing is actually a thing.

What Is Freckle Tattooing?

Freckle tattoo is hugely popular in Melbourne. It is the art of skillfully replicating realistic looking, tiny little adorable tattooed freckles onto desired areas, often the face. Everyday Eye Art Studio receives regular requests for freckle tattooing from curious callers.

We absolutely adore freckles and cannot get enough of them. After years of searching for a freckle tattoo Artist in Melbourne and Sydney without any success, we set to research and learn about freckle tattooing, and now provide a popular freckle tattoo service to our many very happy clients.

Freckles bring back memories of childhood days, fun under the sun, of ice cream vans and summer time madness. They add a certain youthfulness to faces, and when done well, can act to sculpt and contour while enhancing facial features.

Natural looking freckle tattoo is the combined result of correctly chosen pigment colors, techniques, and the placement and sizes of the freckles.

Freckle Tattoo

How Does Freckle Tattooing Work?

At the beginning of your freckle tattooing session, your Artist will discuss your goals, and advise on what style and forms of tattooed freckles would best compliment your facial features vs lifestyle. A typical freckle tattoo session will take approximately 1 to 1.5 hours.

Natural freckles are gifts from the sun, and are randomly sprinkled. As such, the placement of the tattooed freckles, as well as their shape, size and patterns should reflect natural freckles.

Does Freckle Tattoo Hurt?

Freckle tattooing will be no more pain than an ant bite, although we do offer topical anaesthetic to ensure your comfort.

How Do Tattooed Freckles Look?

Like freckles, of course! If done well, they should look undetectable and as natural as natural freckles. For this reason, it is highly important to choose an experienced freckle tattoo Artist. Perfectly tattooed freckles should have a warm tone, and look perfectly imperfect!

Are Freckle Tattoo Permanent?

Freckle Tattooing is a semi permanent cosmetic tattoo procedure, and will fade over time.Typically speaking, tattooed freckles will stay around for up to 2.5 years, gradually fading to a lighter shadow of its new self. The length of time tattooed freckles last will also depend on your lifestyle, skin type, sun exposure and other factors.

What Will I Look Like After Freckle Tattooing?

Following a freckle tattooing session, the small areas around your newly tattooed freckles may look a little red, as though you have been ant bitten. This will subside quickly. Over the next day or so, as the skin starts to form a scab, the new freckles will look darker. By the end of the week, the tattooed freckles will start to heal and blend in with your skin tone, and other freckles! There is no down time post freckle tattooing session..

How Much Does Freckle Tattooing Cost?

Our freckle tattoo's price in Melbourne is currently $400, which includes a complimentary freckle tattoo touchup session at 4-6 week mark post initial treatment.

We also offer Freckle Tattooing Top Up sessions (available to existing freckle tattoo clients only) at the cost of $250. This is the perfect option to add more tattooed freckles as you wish.

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