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Mens Microblading Correction

March 20, 2023

A few weeks ago, a gentleman came to visit the studio to seek our advice on his unwanted eyebrow Microblading tattoo.

Our client expressed his unsatisfaction in his current eyebrow Microblading that was done by a different clinic and would like our opinions on a treatment plan.

In this situation, it would be important for us to listen to the client's concerns and assess the current state of their eyebrows.

We took some steps to ensure that we'd be able to help this client achieve his brow goals.

  • Our assessment found that the client's existing eyebrow tattoo needed to removal.
       Mens Microblading
  • The laser tattoo removal treatment was carried out on the same day, using our incredibly powerful, in-house Q-Switch laser tattoo removal technology. 
  • The removal treatment worked exceedingly well, which resulted in some 80% fading of the existing tattooed brows.
Due to this result, we were able to schedule an appointment for our client to come back for his Mens Microblading Correction a few weeks later, once his skin has healed, as clients's skin integrity is of utmost importance to us


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