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What Is Eyebrow Microblading Tattoo?

July 07, 2019

Eyebrow microblading is the name of a technique of eyebrow tattooing. Thanks to the advancement of cosmetic tattoo in recent years, eyebrow fanatics now have several choices when considering getting their eyebrows tattooed.

Eyebrow microblading is also known by its other name of eyebrow feathering. Eyebrow microblading is one of the most popular choices of eyebrow tattoo methods, as when done correctly, the technique procedures tiny, micro hairstrokes which blend in harmoniously with your natural eyebrow hair, creating new shape, fullness, filling out gaps and missing spots whilst being invisible to the naked eye.

Does eyebrow microblading hurt?

Before an eyebrow microblading procedure, the eyebrow tattoo artist would review your health and medical assessment to ensure that you are a suitable candidate. Following this, a topical anaesthetic would be applied to ensure your comfort during the procedure.

Eye Art Studio engages a local Compound Chemist to produce our topical anaesthic for use during produces. Anaesthic will once again be applied during an eyebrow microblading procedure to further minimise discomfort. 


Do you shape and draw before eyebrow microblading tattoo?

Before the eyebrow microblading takes place, our eyebrow microblading tattooist will carefully and thoroughly measure your face and eyebrows, design and draw the most flattering eyebrows for your approval.

It is important to note that the drawn eyebrow design will always look a little thicker than the end result, as the artist will need to give room for shrinkage during the healing process.


Will eyebrow microblading tattoo color match my natural hair?

Just like with hairdressing, a suitable pigment color will be selected by your artist to best match your natural eyebrow hair and skin tone (cool or warm tones).

Sometimes, a color will be used straight from the bottle, other times, a tailor mixed color may be needed.

You can always ask to see the color that your artist has chosen for you. As a side note, the color chosen may appear a couple of shades darker than you would normally prefer, to give room for the fading process during healing.


What tool is used during eyebrow microblading?

A hand based tool is used to create your tattooed hairstrokes during an eyebrow microblading procedure. It is designed to be held like a pen, attached to a very tiny blade with multiple little microblades at the end.

A skilled and experienced eyebrow microblading artist will create extremely fine hairstrokes that are super clean, sharp and in harmonious directions to that of your natural eyebrow hairstrokes.

The newly tattooed hairstrokes will then be filled and masked with your chosen eyebrow microblading pigment color. Then its time to clean up and reveal your new eyebrows.


During the eyebrow microblading (tattooing) process, fine hairstrokes are manually hand tattooed extremely gently into the skin surface, in slow, delicate motion to ensure that the end results are realistic and natural looking tattooed hairstrokes. The youtube video below will show you a small demonstration of how our hairstrokes are lovingly created through microblading.


What does eyebrow microblading tattoo look like?

When done right, eyebrow microblading looks amazingly natural, and would most likely be undetectable to others. However, it is important that you make time in researching and selecting the right eyebrow tattooist, as the eyebrow microblading procedure does carry some risks, some of which are incorrect shape, size and color which may require eyebrow tattoo correction or eyebrow tattoo removal services, both of which are costly, takes time, and can be painful.

For readers who are unhappy with their eyebrow tattoo done somewhere else, we do have some tips on how to fade your eyebrow microblading tattoo faster article in our Blog here.

To see a selection of our eyebrow microblading tattoo before and after photos, you can visit our gallery page.



We hope that our post has helped given you more insight and information into what eyebrow microblading is. For further information, or to seek our assessment and advice on your current eyebrow tattoo needs, simply email us at

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