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Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Melbourne - How We Removed J's Botched Eyebrow Tattoo

November 15, 2018

We removed J's unwanted Eyebrow Tattoo using Eye Art Studio's latest non-laser Eyebrow Tattoo Removal method with immediate results!

Some months ago, a gorgeous face came to the study for an eyebrow tattooing consultation at our Melbourne salon. As Jazzy (changed, for privacy purposes) walked through the door, I remember wondering why she was there. Jazzy was stunning, her eyebrows seemed to be in perfect shape and size. I was intrigued and surprised by her visit.

Upon close inspections, Jazzy burst into tears as she wiped off her eyebrow products to show us what was underneath.

Botched Eyebrow Tattoo Removal - Eyebrow Tattoo Removal in Melbourne


Jazzy explained that she has had her Eyebrow Tattoo completed elsewhere, and was very unhappy with the result. It was an Eyebrow Feathering treatment.

Jazzy wanted an immediate Eyebrow Tattoo Correction solution, as she has been stressed, anxious and insecure about her "botched eyebrow tattoo" as she referred to them, for months now.

Jazzy had attended her Microblading touch-up session with her Eyebrow Tattoo Artist previously, and felt that it had worsened her tattooed eyebrows. What is eyebrow microblading anyway? Read more from our Blog posts.

As much as we wanted to help Jazzy with an immediate Eyebrow Tattoo Correction solution, long term result was not possible with quick fixes in Jazzy's case.  Her tattooed hairstrokes were extremely deep, thick and dark (as can be seen in the before photos) - scars had formed as a result. We advised Jazzy at that Eyebrow Tattoo Removal was the best, and only solution in achieving a clean canvass, and a Corrective Treatment Plan was made for Jazzy.


# Part 1
To remove Jazzy's existing unwated eyebrow tattoos, we would need up to 4 eyebrow tattoo removal sessions due to saturation, thickness and depth of strokes)

Part 2
Assessment of Eyebrow Tattoo Removal results, skin regeneration and condition before a new Eyebrow Tattoo Correction procedure can be considered.

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal in Melbourne - Eyebrow Tattoo Correction


Although similar cases like Jazzy's tattooed eyebrows have been assessed as requiring up to 10 Laser Removal sessions, we are happy to report that after only 2 Eyebrow Tattoo Removal sessions using a non-laser method, her tattooed eyebrows have come a long way.

This photo shows the immediate Before and After results of Jazzy's Eyebrow Tattoo Removal, on 1st session. Bottom left photo shows the dark pigment lifting off during her Eyebrow Tattoo Removal procedure.

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Before and After Photos - Eyebrow Tattoo Removal MelbourneEyebrow Tattoo Removal in Progress - by Eye Art Studio


Following the 1st Eyebrow Tattoo Removal session, Jazzy waited 6 weeks for her skin to completely heal before the 2nd session took place, a must in any and all eyebrow tattoo removal treatment plan.

The bottom photo below is the healed outcome following our 2nd Eyebrow Tattoo Removal session in Melbourne. We are extremely happy with Jazzy's eyebrow tattoo removal progress and result so far. Jazzy's stubborn tattooed eyebrows are now just a light salmon shade, which most likely will only require one more cosmetic tattoo removal session to return them to almost natural state again.

Eye Brow Tattoo Removal Before and After Photo by Eye Art Studio


#H'EyebrowsSociety look forward to sharing Jazzy'Eyebrow Tattoo Removal journey's  further progress in our upcoming posts. 

When seeking solutions to your Eyebrow Tattoo concerns, take into consideration the pigment (ink) colors - are they too dark and saturated? Are your hairstrokes too thick and deep? If so, an eyebrow tattoo correctional solution may only aid as a "band-aid" solution, and as such, will provide very short term relief, or worsen the situation.

Most times, a complete eyebrow tattoo removal is highly recommended, to restore the eyebrow areas to a healthy, workable condition before new work can be considered. When it comes to fixing unhappy eyebrow tattoos, time & patience are necessary, the best solution is always to research your Eyebrow Tattoo Artist carefully before committing to a eyebrow tattooing procedure.

Do you have questions or concerns regarding Eyebrow Tattoo Removal and Eyebrow Tattoo Correction services in Melbourne? You're very welcome to send us an email to with a clear, close-up photo of your current eyebrow tattoo sans makeup and we will be glad to offer advice on individual solutions.

Eye Art Studio's #H'EyebrowsSociety -The Blog, is an information sharing, good-news reading, trend spreading, articles posting, tutorial collaborating, techniques learning on all things eyebrows related (and more). We respect and credit Artists on all our BLOG posts where applicable, and hope to be of value-add to Eyebrow fanatics, as well as Eyebrow Tattoo Artists Worldwide. Thank you for the visit!

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