I Really Wish Someone Had Told Me About These - 5 MUST KNOW Eyebrow Tattoo Secrets

5 simple must know secrets I wish someone told me about when considering   Eyebrow TattooingEye Art Studio reveals in this article.

Just like you, I once was looking for an Eyebrow Tattoo Artist many moons ago, and wish I had known these 5 Secrets to make better decisions. It was simply a case of "whoever could fit me in first at the best price..." A decision I still regret. Although it was the catalyst in launching my career into Cosmetic Tattooing in Melbourne.


#1: Choose The Best Eyebrow Tattoo Technique For You

There are many methods of Eyebrow Tattooing in Melbourne, with the following 3 being the most popular choices:

1. Eyebrow Tattoo - Microblading (aka Featherstroke, Feathering or Feathertouch)
This Eyebrow Tattoo technique is a favorite choice due to its natural looking results of fine, pretty and realistic hair strokes created behind your natural eyebrow hair, undetectable to the human eye. This technique is best suited for people with normal to dry skin types who are not prone to acne breakouts.

2. Eyebrow Tattoo - 3D Combination (A blend of Microblading & Ombre' Eyebrow Tattoo)
This Eyebrow Tattoo technique is the perfect choice for those with little to no hair and wish to have fuller, more defined eyebrows that are still natural looking. The added bonus with 3D Combination Eyebrow Tattoo is that it is longer lasting, and recommended for those with oily skin, acne, regular users of skincare products containing retinol, AHA, or Vitamin A, C, E agents, excessive sweaters.

3. Eyebrow Tattoo - Ombre' (aka Mist or Powder) Eyebrow Tattoo
Just like the 3D Combination Eyebrow Tattoo method, Ombre' Eyebrow Tattoo technique delivers longer lasting tattooed eyebrows. They are suitable for those who prefer a more defined, striking look, without the harshness of the "block" eyebrow tattoos of the 1990's. You won't need any eyebrow makeup products with Ombre' Eyebrow Tattooing.

Microblading Eyebrow Tattoo Before and After Photo
Feathering, Feathertouch, Featherstroke or Microblading
Eyebrow Tattooing Before and After Pics
3D Combination - A blended technique

#2:Research Your Eyebrow Tattoo Artist

Research, research, research! Do your due diligence when choosing an  Eyebrow Tattoo Artistfor your eyebrow tattooing. It is important to check out their portfolio photos of Eyebrow Tattoo Before and After pictures

Be sure to look out for not only the shapes and arches, but more important, the hairstrokes (in the cases of  Eyebrow Microblading & Feathering). The tattooed hairstrokes should "flow", are crisp, clean, and natural, rather than thick, too deep and "blunt". Tattooed eyebrow hairstrokes that are too deep and blunt may result in scarring.

Look for  portfolio photos that are not heavily photo-shopped or using a filter, so that you can make a more informed decision, and ensure that  the work the Eyebrow Tattoo Artist presents are genuinely their work, not someone else's. 

It is a common mistake (but very much frowned upon) in the Cosmetic Tattoo industry that a lot of Eyebrow Tattooists make, often the younger and less experienced, in using other experienced Artists' work to present due to a lack of portfolio content.

#3: Never Choose an Eyebrow Tattoo Artist by Price

About 50% of our services are for Eyebrow Tattoo Correction. Correction is very costly, and sometimes, removalmay be required before correction work can commence. Please remember that a discount is not necessarily a bargain if you end up paying more for correction or remova l ,not to mention the emotional stressand  anxieties that follow.

  #4: Eyebrow Tattoo Artist's Reviews & Feedback

Once upon a time, Social Media reviews were credible sources in choosing a service or products. Nowadays, feedback, reviews and recommendations can also be bought, or given out of love by friends, family, or those who are simply unhappy for other reasons rather than the Eyebrow Tattoo Artist's work and their ethics. 

Make an informed choice based on a holistic view of the Eyebrow Tattoo Artist's work, other reviews, good or bad, combined. A good review is not necessarily good, and a bad review, isn't always a bad one either.

#5:The "Hairloss" Myth

Many new clients have expressed their concerns for possible hair-loss by getting their eyebrows tattooed. The opposite has actually been found, with more than 50% of our clients with tattooed eyebrows have reported a noticeable increase in natural eyebrow hair growth following their procedure - especially those who have had hand-based Eyebrow Tattooing procedures such as Eyebrow  Microblading/Featherin g, 3D Combination or m anual Ombre' Powder Eyeb row Tattoo treatments. 

We put the new bonus hair-growth down to the stimulation experienced by the hair follicles during the process of an Eyebrow Tattoo procedure!

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The 3 Types Of Brow Tattoos

Eyebrow Microblading Tattoo Microbladed Eyebrows Melbourne


Finely tattooed hairstrokes that blend with natural hair

Eyebrow Tattoo in Melbourne - Tattooed Eyebrows

3D Combination

A blended result of tattooed hairstrokes + shading

Cosmetic Tattooing in Melbourne - Best Eyebrow Tattoo Salons Melbourne

Ombre' Powder

Soft, natural result of gradient, powdered in effects

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