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Lulu Siciliano Evenflo Colors - Lip Corrector - ILLUME

Eye Art Studio


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Perfectly formulated for dark tone lips with natural healed results!

Lulu Siciliano and Perma Blend have developed this exclusive PMU lip colour correction set to provide artists the ability to achieve incredible results with lips that have dark tones. This "two-step process" will provide beautiful and natural lips.

Illume- A golden yellow, opaque colour with a warm undertone.

Suggested Use: A rich opaque golden yellow colour specifically formulated for the correction of lips with deep dark purplish hues. This colour can be used straight or mixed 1:1 with target colour.

Lulu's Tip: Can be used as a first layer, prior a target or mixed with another colour. Mix with a Neutralizer for a blue-purple dark lips.