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How Eyebrow Tattooing Is Done - Our Eyebrow Tattoo Artists Will Reveal All You Need To Know

January 02, 2019

So you are curious about Eyebrow Tattooing, but a little scared, a little nervous and a lot intrigued? In this article, Eye Art Studio will take you behind the scene on what happens during an Eyebrow Tattoo (Feathering) session.

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When I was looking around for an Eyebrow Tattoo salon in Melbourne many years ago, there was not a great deal of resources and information available. I wish I had been able to garner more information behind making my cosmetic tattoo decision so that I could have been more relaxed about the procedure itself, and thus being able to make better, more informed choices. 

As a qualified and professional Eyebrow Tattoo Artist based in Melbourne, I have put together this "How Eyebrow Tattooing Is Done?" article, a comprehensive tell all, simple guide to take you through a behind the scene of what happens during an eyebrow tattoo session, with the hope that it would share more insight with you into the art that is brow tattooing, and essentially, helping you make the best, most suitable and safest cosmetic tattooing decision for yourself.

This guide will tell you exactly:

  • What happens during eyebrow an eyebrow tattooing procedure;
  • Will eyebrow feathering hurt - and what prevention can be taken to minimise pain;
  • How many steps are there in an eyebrow tattoo procedure;
  • How many sessions are needed in an eyebrow tattoo procedure.

Step 1: Client Consultation

At the start of any eyebrow tattooing procedure, a questionaire will need to be filled with information regarding your Health. This will give your Eyebrow Tattoo Artist an idea of whether cosmetic tattoo is suitable for you. To find out if brow tattooing, or any cosmetic tattoo service is suitable for you, view Eye Art Studio's Eyebrow Tattoo test here.

Following the Health & Medical assessment, a eyebrow mapping session must take place, where your Artist will measure and balance your brows, taking into consideration your bone structure and facial features, the new eyebrows will then be drawn on, which should be complimenting to your unique, individual features and personal preferences.

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Eyebrow Mapping is one of the most important processes of a brow tattoo session, as it will impact greatly on the end result of your tattooed eyebrows. As shown in the above photo, our client's left eyebrow was substantially lower than her right, and in the bottom end result, her new tattooed eyebrow's arches are brought to almost perfect balance.

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The above photo shows our eyebrow mapping process taking place (top photo), achieving better shape, arch and balance for our client before the tattooing process took place (bottom photo).

For a collection of our Eyebrow Tattoo before and after photos, you may like to visit our gallery here.

Step 2: Topical Anaesthetic

Following the eyebrow mapping process, a topical Anaesthetic prepared by our local Compound Chemist will be applied with a clean cotton tip applicator to minimise any pain and maximise your comfort using our unique in-house Anaesthetic application method, before the brow tattooing process takes place.

How Is Eyebrow Feathering Done

Cotton tip applicator for Anaesthetic

Is Eyebrow Tattooing Painful

Local Compound Chemist made Anaesthetic

Step 3: The Eyebrow Tattooing Process

Only once the Anaesthetic started to take effect, then the brow tattooing process will take place. Depending on the style of brow tattooing method is chosen for the color, such as Eyebrow Feathering Tattoo, Combination Eyebrow Tattoo or Ombre' Eyebrow Tattoo, different little needles may be used to create tattooed hairstrokes, ombre' effectts, shading, or a combination of both ombre' and shading. 

During the eyebrow tattooing process, a pigment color most suited to both your natural hair color and your skin color will be carefully chosen by your Artist to ensure it is a good match for both your skin and hair.

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Step 4: Perfecting & Completion

Once the eyebrow tattooing process has completed, the Eyebrow Tattoo Artist will double check their work - your newly tattooed eyebrows, for any needed improvement, shape perfecting or perhaps more shading / filling. This will then conclude your Brow Tattoo procedure (1st session).

At this point, your Artist will explain the eyebrow tattoo healing process as well as explaining any aftercare instructions they may have for you. A touch-up appointment should then be made for 4-6 week time to further perfect your new eyebrows. 

Want to find out some more industry secrets you MUST know to help you make the right choices before deciding on an eyebrow tattoo procedure? Read our 5 Must Know Eyebrow Tattoo Secrets here, it will help you make the right decisions, and avoiding unnecessary disappointment which may lead to the needs for eyebrow tattoo correction or in more severe cases, eyebrow tattoo removal.

Watch Our Eyebrow Feathering Tattoo Video

Still curious about how it is all done? Watch our client, Andy's Eyebrow Feathering Tattoo session taking place on live cam! Eye Art Studio L.O.V.E working on our Men's Eyebrow Microblading Tattoo services, and have worked with countless male clients to date.

See How Our Tattooed Strokes Are Made

Each of your new tattooed hair strokes are lovingly made, using teeny, tiny little microblades to create the most natural tattooed strokes to blend in with your natural hair. Don't worry if you don't have any natural hair, we have worked with multiple clients who came to us with an absolute blank canvas! Watch the below video to see how it is done.

Want to know more about what is what is eyebrow microblading tattoo? Read more from our Blog posts.

Do You Have More Questions?

Can we help with further questions you may have regarding how Eyebrow Tattooing is done? Don't be shy to shoot us an email at any time via - or visit our BLOG, H' Eyebrows Society - The Blog for future articles, news and inspirations that we love sharing with you.

Eye Art Studio love helping brow fantatics achieve their brow goals, as such, we provide an array of payment options for our Online Store as well as all of our Eyebrow Tattoo services, including an Eyebrow Tattoo Payment Plan, ZipPay or and Crypto are all accepted.

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